Upper Body Exoskeleton for Techs Demoed at Shop

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May 14, 2018—The EksoVest—a non-powered, linkage driven and gas spring actuated upper body exoskeleton—is currently being used by technicians on the Ford assembly line, but may come to shops soon.

The technology made by EKSO Bionics was first piloted in two Ford assembly plants in November 2017 and has applications in the automotive and aerospace assembly lines. Now, it has been demoed in one repair shop, with potential for it to be trialed in more shops.

Since it is non-powered, the user never has to charge the vest or plug it in, said EKSO Bionics CEO Jack Peurach.

“If someone is working with their arms overhead throughout their day, we think the EksoVest can help them do their job more efficiently and with less stress and strain,” said Peurach.

The technology helps with technicians doing repetitive arm work overhead easier by providing power to a user’s arms, Peurach said. There is no limitation in the worker’s range of motion.

The vest can support between 5–15 pounds per arm and can be fitted for people 5 feet tall to 6 feet 4 inches tall.  Specifically, the technology can aid in pushing in fastener rivets, snapping fuel lines into place and lifting parts in place like bumpers, according to the EKSO Bionics website.

The use of the technology could provide career longevity, Peurach says.

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