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WEBINAR: How to Utilize OEM Repair Data (June 19, 2018)

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Some of the industry’s most progressive operators discuss the actions every shop can take to ensure modern, sophisticated vehicles are repaired correctly every time


What: Free webinar

When: 11 a.m. CST,  June 19, 2018



How to Utilize OEM Repair Data

As modern vehicles become more and more complex, collision repair facilities have been left scrambling to keep up—new investments in equipment, technology and training, as well as altering already-ingrained processes, have become the norm for facilities looking to stay on the leading edge. The industry has shifted quickly; what can independent shops do to ensure they have a viable business model for years to come? It starts with OEM repair data.

In the first installment of the newly launched FenderBender Webinar series, sponsored by Robaina, some of the industry’s leading shop operators will look into how collision repairers can utilize the information they need to make safe, proper repairs while being fully reimbursed for their work.

You will learn how to:

  • Make the proper investments for the OEM repair information, training, equipment and certifications that best meet your business’s needs
  • Implement a repair process that allows your team to perform safe and proper repairs every time
  • Create the documentation and tracking methods necessary to ensure full reimbursement
  • Build a business model that will be sustainable for years to come

The Presenters

CropperWebinarHeadshot SattlerWebinarHeadshot Bryce Evans

RYAN CROPPER, a FenderBender columnist and speaker at this year’s FenderBender Management Conference, bought Alaska’s Able Auto Body in 2002, and expanded to a second location in 2006 with revenue reaching $4 million per year by 2007. His success comes from his operation’s unique leadership culture and his ability to meet the needs of a demanding market.

Also a speaker at the 2018 FenderBender Management Conference, RANDY SATTLER has managed Rydell Collision Center in Grand Forks, N.D., since 2004, and has turned the dealership-owned facility into what is widely considered one of the industry’s most progressive and successful operations. The shop has been at the forefront of industry technology and was an early adopter to OEM certifications.

BRYCE EVANS is the editorial director at 10 Missions Media, overseeing the company's three national business-building publications—Ratchet+WrenchFenderBender, and Fixed Ops Business

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