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Chief® combines measurement and alignment for full control over vehicle repairs

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Meridian Align combines Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping™ system with its C3080 Baysaver 3D alignment system. Two portable cabinets house all the equipment necessary to measure and align a collision-damaged vehicle on a frame rack or lift, including a computer, two monitors, targets, scanners, radius gauges and slip plates.

Meridian Align gives shops the freedom to measure collision damage and return a vehicle to alignment anywhere in the shop, with no dedicated bay required.

Combining wheel alignment services with computerized measuring helps shops own the full cycle of collision repair. Three-dimensional measurement provides a full picture of collision damage at the start of a repair cycle, helps techs make precise adjustments during the repair process and confirms symmetry and a return to OEM specs following the repairs and alignment. Handling wheel alignment in-house means the shop doesn’t waste time taking the vehicle to/from an alignment shop, maintains control of the vehicle and keeps the profits from the alignment.

Meridian Align can be used with most frame racks and drive-on lifts. The wheel alignment system provides automatic and instant target visualization and is equipped with fixed cameras with automatic target search and recognition, tire-grabbing clamps and remote-controlled sensors to provide an alignment reading in just eight seconds.

Using Meridian Align, the technician can repair a vehicle’s collision damage and then perform the final wheel alignment all on the same rack, with no need to move the vehicle.

“Speed and accuracy are the name of the game when it comes to alignment, and sending a vehicle to an outside shop for that service takes away all control over those factors,” says Lee Daugherty, Chief director of collision sales for the Americas. “With the Meridian Align system, shops retain the vehicle for the full cycle of service, allowing them to provide better customer communication on repair timing as well as reaping additional profits that come from adding alignment to their service offerings.”

Conducting three-dimensional measuring ensures all collision damage is recognized and addressed prior to completing an alignment.

Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping system featuring Galileo laser scanner measures up to 45 individual points at the same time, providing accurate, detailed feedback on a vehicle’s measurements. The geospatial control system makes necessary adjustments to provide precise measurements even when Galileo is not completely level, making it just as easy to use on a two-post lift for blueprinting as on a frame rack for structural repairs.

The scanner also features dual processors for fast real-time data processing, high-tech optical components for accurate readings under any lighting conditions, and a built-in calibration check, letting technicians confirm for themselves that the scanner is properly calibrated at any time.


Chief Upper body package


Chief also includes the upper body bar package to complement the Meridian Live Mapping measurement system. This package allows techs to measure the roof, trunk or even two strut towers at once. It also comes with a vertical surface attachment that enables comparative vertical measurements on upper body openings, like doors and windows. The strut towers and frame can be measured at the same time during repairs for higher-quality adjustments, helping techs ensure they don’t go too far on a pull. The combination of the Live Mapping and upper body bar systems ensure a full body repair and return to OEM measurements following collision damage.

Chief’s proprietary Thunderbolt® specs offer the best dimensional data for thousands of vehicles. Chief gathers Thunderbolt specs by measuring actual vehicles with the frame anchored and the suspension unloaded in order to provide “real world” accuracy. In addition to comprehensive frame information, Thunderbolt specs include detailed upper and lower body data that will increase the accuracy and reliability of every repair performed.

For more information about the Chief Meridian Align system, visit, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262.

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