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I-CAR launches new aluminum course

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Nov. 13, 2012—I-CAR this week debuted its new live, interactive training course called Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repairs (ALI01).

I-CAR said there is a large demand for aluminum repair training due to the increased use of higher-strength materials in vehicle designs. The organization’s new Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repairs course offers discussion, education and decision-making exercises that are designed to equip collision repair professionals with the knowledge needed to repair aluminum vehicles.

“As aluminum-intensive vehicles continue to gain popularity due to their high-strength, light-weight nature, it is critical that technicians have an understanding of the unique considerations around working with aluminum structures,” said Jason Bartanen, technical director for I-CAR.

The course allows students make repair procedure decisions on simulated aluminum-intensive vehicles. The exercise exposes students to real-life considerations that are experienced daily in the shop, I-CAR said.

In addition, the course addresses distinctive characteristics of aluminum, and requirements for proper electrode wire, rivet-type and length selection, anchoring and straightening considerations, removal and installation procedures, and attachment methods for different vehicles.

“Interactive learning in the classroom is an effective way to enhance the student’s experience and prepare them with the knowledge they need to make effective repair decisions,” Bartanen said.

ALI01 fulfills the ProLevel training requirements for I-CAR’s Professional Development Program (PDP) for the Aluminum Structural Technician role, as well as New Technology training requirements for the Steel Structural Technician role.

I-CAR said the new three credit hour course is replacing content in four courses that are currently offered for the Aluminum Structural Technician role: SPA01, SPA02, PRA01 and SSA01. Those courses will remain available to Aluminum Structural Technicians through July 15, but I-CAR said it recommends taking the new ALI01 course because it provides the most beneficial learning experience.

For more information, or to register for the course, visit

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