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The Advantages of Owning a Specialty Shop

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Kye Yeung's shop, European Motor Car Works, thrives in its Santa Ana, Calif., market for many reasons: its investments in the latest equipment; its stellar staff of certified techs; its clean, inviting facility.

But, really, Yeung traces much of that success back to British automobiles.

His passion for Jaguars and Land Rovers as a student carried with him into business owners, as European Motor Car Works specializes in British automobiles. Having such a narrow focus on specific makes affords his highly profitable shop many luxuries, including the following:


Less certifications to invest in.

By focusing specifically on OEM certifications for Jaguar, Land Rover and Tesla, Yeung cuts down on his certification costs and focuses primarily on buying the equipment and training necessary for those brands.


An attractive partner for dealerships.

While many shops market their services to dealerships, Yeung says that his shop's specialty and reputation speaks for itself many times. At the end of the day, a dealership wants a satisfied customer, which means they'll be likely to send work to your certified shop.


Less pressure to join DRPs.

Yeung never wants to sacrifice what it takes to complete a repair properly—and because of his reputation, he doesn't have to. If an insurance company pushes work to a body shop that is unfit to repair a specific brand, many times that job will be forwarded to Yeung's shop and end up costing the insurance company even more money. To avoid the financial headache, they will often, instead, go with the most qualified shop.


An attractive environment for technicians.

If, like Yeung, any student has a passion for repairing British automobiles, his facility is very attractive to anybody in his highly competitive California region.


A trustworthy brand to consumers.

Yeung owns one vehicle for every brand his facility repairs. That way, when a customer walks in, he can talk about the vehicle and relate to them on what it's like to own one. And before they even talk to Yeung, customers are aware through their OEMs and insurance companies that European Motor Car Works is the go-to shop for their vehicle.

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