PartsTrader Releases Parts Supplier Survey

Jan. 22, 2013

Jan. 22, 2013—PartsTrader, the Web-based parts sourcing, quoting and ordering platform that operates State Farm Insurance’s parts procurement pilot, on Monday released results of an independent survey that polled parts suppliers’ user experience. 

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The survey, which was conducted by independent research organization CSi Complete, was an effort for PartsTrader to measure the impact of updates recently made to the program. The survey polled parts suppliers that participate in the first four markets where State Farm initially rolled out the PartsTrader program, including Tucson, Ariz., Birmingham, Ala., Charlotte, N.C., and Grand Rapids, Mich.

Parts suppliers were asked a series of questions, and to rate their experience on a scale of zero (poor) to 10 (excellent). According to the survey, 53 percent of parts suppliers marked their overall satisfaction with the PartsTrader system with a score of seven or above. In addition, 67 percent of parts suppliers ranked PartsTrader with scores of seven or above when asked about their overall opinion of the system as a parts procurement tool.

PartsTrader also received a 93 percent satisfaction score from parts suppliers regarding the effort and performance of the company’s employees. PartsTrader said early internal surveys of repairers and suppliers revealed that the performance of its staff was an area that needed improvement. Throughout 2012, PartsTrader said it expanded its staff, implemented training programs, and made general program updates that have allowed the company to better serve users.

"Before any part of our program can work, our people have to add value to our end users," said Dale Sailer, vice president of business development for PartsTrader. "Knowing our people are working more effectively for the customer is validation that as a company we're moving in the right direction to serve the industry."

The survey also identified areas where improvements should be addressed, according to PartsTrader, and the company will work with industry stakeholders and its Advisory Council to make necessary changes. PartsTrader said it will continue to monitor its performance in the market by comparing user satisfaction data at various time intervals following significant program changes in the future.

"As we continue to launch additional markets, it is important that PartsTrader continue to seek input and engagement with the original pilot users. These suppliers and repairers have experienced the product and its updates for the better part of a year. Their input is critical to the program's evolution,” said Rob Cooper, CEO of PartsTrader. "Our company is no different than any other in our industry, and thus our goal is to receive 10's from all participants when surveyed. We will continue to drive toward this goal by making the enhancements necessary to fully meet the market's needs."