LORD offers training access through product labels

Nov. 7, 2012

Nov. 7, 2012—LORD Corp., a manufacturer of automotive repair adhesives, coatings and electronic materials, this week added Quick Response (QR) codes to its adhesive product labels to provide shops with access to instructional videos and information.

Shops using LORD’s adhesive products are now able to scan QR codes on labels with a smartphone. LORD said the QR codes link directly to online instructional videos for the product, which are housed on the company’s YouTube channel. The videos are organized by categories of repair, including bumper, weld bonding, seam sealing and composite.

LORD said the QR codes have been added to most of its Fusor products.

“We added the QR codes to our product labels to help those in the shop save time, eliminating the need to log into a computer,” said Julie Miller, market manager of automotive aftermarket for Cary, N.C.-based LORD.