The Cool-Kitsch Lobby at Bump & Grind Auto Body

June 1, 2013

Photo by Mike Whealan

SHOP: Bump & Grind Auto Body Inc.  LOCATION: Homer Glen, Ill.  OWNER: Kevin Flondor

1) Bump & Grind Auto Body Inc. has always been a family-owned business, so when Kevin Flondor started designing the front office with his father and brother, they decided to combine all of their passions—Southwestern Native American culture and drag racing—in the room. Flondor’s parents were long-time collectors of Native American artifacts, which are prominently displayed throughout the front office.

2) Flondor has done paintwork for several professional drag racers, including NHRA funny car driver Tony Pedregon. As a thank you, Pedregon has given the shop various racing memorabilia, including the full drag-racing suit that’s displayed here. While Flondor says the shop doesn’t work with drag racers as frequently, the memorabilia serves as an advertisement for the rotisserie restorations offered at the shop.

3) A spiral staircase leads to Flondor’s lofted office, as well as a second level for the parts department and storage. Flondor says the layout of the building made it more cost effective to build upward, rather than out. “We had the space and we were actually able to double part of the square footage in this particular area,” he says.

4) The front office area serves dual purposes—as the reception area and estimating department—which are easily distinguished by the décor. A distinctive black-and-white checkerboard tiled desk anchors the reception area and is reflective of Flondor’s racing interest.

5) Flondor’s own collections revolve around automobile memorabilia. “A lot of people call it a mini museum,” he says. “Kids love to see the die-cast cars in the glass cases. For all different ages, it brings back memories from when they were younger.” The eye-catching memorabilia also gives customers something to explore while waiting for their vehicle.

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