CCC Launches Telematics Data Exchange

Dec. 7, 2017
CCC X can aggregate and normalize connected data from a rich variety of sources, including beacons, dongles, mobile applications, fleet and professional devices, and connected cars.

Dec. 7, 2017—CCC Information Services Inc. and its affiliates announced the general availability of CCC X, a data exchange that helps convert connected data into actionable insights and makes it available for use across the CCC network.

CCC also announced today that its already extensive network is set to expand to include 14 new companies who will contribute and leverage connected and telematics data via CCC X.

The newly announced additions represent connected device providers, diagnostics providers, enablers of usage-based insurance (UBI) programs, and other service providers.

Powered by the hyperscale CCC ONE platform, CCC X can aggregate and normalize connected data from a rich variety of sources, including beacons, dongles, mobile applications, fleet and professional devices, and connected cars.

CCC X can pass that data to customers on the CCC network through software-driven workflows that serve the automotive ecosystem.

Data accessed via CCC X can be deeply integrated into existing insurer business operations for UBI programs, underwriting, increased claims automation, and more.

Similarly, it can be integrated into software services for repairers on the CCC network.

“The true value of connected data is rooted in what you can do with it,” said Mac Fraser, general manager of telematics for CCC. “Unlike other exchanges, CCC X enables customers to put connected data to work. It works in conjunction with the CCC ONE platform where data is enriched, becomes more meaningful, is easily shared with users who value it, and can then be deployed into real-life experiences for our customers and the consumers they support.”

Key among the experiences CCC X can help transform is the claims and repair process. CCC X can ingest crash data at the point of impact and because of CCC’s deep integration in claims that data can be used to increase the digitization of the claims process—including first notice of loss, determining the potential severity of injuries, estimating damage severity, repair scheduling, and beyond. CCC has processed over $1 trillion of historical claims and repair estimates.

CCC Network Additions

The companies announced today represent a broad range of service providers that will support a variety of use cases, including UBI, telematics-enabled claims, repair and safety-related services, and consumer engagement and loyalty programs. CCC X uses open application program interfaces (APIs) to create fast and easy connections with companies that contribute as well as create value from data.

  • Access Development – provider of location-based mobile coupons
  • Air Pro Diagnostics – provider of OEM-compliant scanning, diagnostics, and safety system calibrations
    • Assured Telematics Inc. – provider of fleet management solutions
    • asTech – provider specializing in diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair solutions
    • AutoEnginuity – provider of OEM-level, professional diagnostic scan tools
    • Azuga – provider of rewards-driven GPS fleet tracking and insurance telematics solutions
    • Baron – provider of historical, live, and forecast road weather data
    • CalAmp – provider of telematics solution enablement systems and services
    • Cambridge Mobile Telematics –provider of smartphone telematics and big data analytics
    • Danlaw –provider of automotive-grade aftermarket products that support various telematics services and verticals
    • Radius Networks– provider of Bluetooth® beacons for smartphone-based UBI programs
    • TrueMotion – provider of smartphone-powered UBI and Distraction programs
    • – Provider of digital roadside assistance and secondary towing
    • Vehcon – provider of VIN, mileage, and visual verification technologies

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