This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

Aug. 5, 2020

From OE information to state-level legislation, ADAPT has you covered to face the industry headwinds with knowledge.

Aug. 5, 2020—ADAPT's goal is to give shop owners the knowledge they need to push their operations forward and be prepared for the next generation of vehicles.

To that end, recent articles demonstrate the variety of challenges that the repair industry faces. Check out these stories that focus on OE releases, calibration definitions, impactful legislation and so much more.

Audi Releases Tech Talk Series

In an effort to share more information about the technology behind its vehicles, Audi is publishing a Tech Talk series. The talks focus on the OE's in-car technology and how they will roll out features to customers.

Being Thorough in Calibrations—Dynamic or Static

Dynamic calibrations are handy, but that doesn't mean that techs have no setup to do. Read all about the differences between dynamic and static calibrations and how sensitive these systems can be.

Group Says Right to Repair Amendment Not Necessary

ADAPT has its eye on a potentially precedent-setting piece of legislation in Massachusetts that greatly affects the data power that aftermarket shops could wield. Get a primer on the issues and hear from an OE group that opposes the ballot measure.

The Importance of Test Driving Autonomous Vehicles

Before autonomous vehicle technology hits the streets, there is testing—so much testing. ADAPT has a rundown of the different kinds of AV tests and how they work together toward a safe driving environment.