Beep, FDOT Offer Automated Rides to ADA Community

Jan. 28, 2021
A coastal Florida county offers autonomous rides to an underserved group.

Jan. 28, 2021—Yesterday, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in west central Florida and Beep, an autonomous mobility company, welcomed community members with physical disabilities to experience the state's first fleet of all-electric autonomous vehicles, Autonomous Vehicle Advantage (AVA). 

Funded by the Florida Department of Transportation, AVA's initial run operates Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. According to a press release, the shuttle functions using eight external sensors. Not truly driverless, the vehicle includes an on-board attendant who oversees the technology and passengers.

"I'm really pleased to be able to participate in this pilot project for PSTA," Gloria Lepik Corriga, a frequent transit rider, says in the release. “PSTA didn't just decide what we should have, they reached out to folks like me for our direct input. I am grateful for this focus on service for all customers."

Image: Beep