Class Actions Over Business Interruptions Target Six Insurers

April 23, 2020
Six small businesses are among those seeking compensation for business interruption claims.

April 23, 2020—Six small businesses are among the latest to sue insurers and seek compensation for business interruption claims due to the coronavirus, reported Insurance Journal.

The class action lawsuits have been filed against Aspen American Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, Lloyd’s of London, Society Insurance, Oregon Mutual Insurance, and Topa Insurance Co. 

The plaintiffs include a San Diego restaurant and nightclub; a Cleveland-area bridal retailer; a Madison, Wisc., bakery and cafe; a Minnesota chain of restaurants and bars; a St. Paul, Minn. dental practice; a Portland, Ore. restaurant; and a New York restaurant group and pizzeria, according to the report.

The lawsuits claim that the businesses purchased business income insurance coverage, which promises to pay for losses due to necessary suspension of operations.