Hazardous Driving Increasing During Pandemic

May 19, 2020
Data from the LexisNexis Connected Car team indicate an increase in hazardous driving, due in part to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

May 19, 2020—LexisNexis Risk Solutions data show that hazardous driving has increased since the start of shutdowns and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a LexisNexis email.

There has been an uptick since March 16 in speeding, acceleration and instances of hard braking. The LexisNexis Connected Car team compared data from the period of March 16 to May 3 to data from Feb. 1 to March 15. Data results show:

  • Speeding more than 20 miles per hour above the posted speed limit is up by 40 percent
  • Hard braking per minute has increased by 19 percent overall
  • Rapid acceleration for speed over 70 MPH has increased by 57 percent
  • Highway speeding has increased 60 percent