Facebook Survey Details Small Businesses' Struggles

May 20, 2020

A new Facebook survey says over half of small businesses said they will not rehire the same workers they had before the COVID-19 pandemic, with about a third of the businesses not expecting to reopen.

May 20, 2020—A new report from Facebook found that more than half of small business owners surveyed won't rehire the same workers they had before, with about a third of those owners not expecting to reopen at all, per a report by CNBC.

Facebook surveyed 86,000 small and medium-sized business owners, managers, and employees. Of these owners, 45 percent said they would rehire the same workers that they furloughed or laid off. Of the one-third saying they do not expect to reopen, many cited it is due to the inability to pay rent or bills.

Further, 74 percent of employees surveyed said they do not have access to paid sick leave, with 70 percent saying they did not receive paid time off.

To make up for the costs, more than half of those surveyed are interacting more with their customers online.