3M Introduces New Power Tools

Jan. 3, 2017

Jan. 3, 2017—The 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division on Tuesday announced a new line of pneumatic tools for cutting and grinding. The 3M power tools were designed to complement the 3M Cubitron II line of cutting and grinding abrasives portfolio.

The offering of new 3M power tools includes the 3M File Belt Sander, 3M Mini Belt Sander, 3M Cut-Off Wheel Tools, and 3M Pistol Grip Sander. The tools feature a new composite body and are designed to be paired with the 3M Cubitron line of cutting and grinding abrasives.

Additionally, the tools feature an ergonomic design specifically for auto body applications and automotive substrates, light-weight bodies, and variable speeds.

For more information on 3M power tools, click here.

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