Verizon Expands Hum Lineup

March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017—Verizon recently launched an expanded Hum lineup, which aims to make driving safer and more connected. Hum customers can now choose HumX services, which include a new WiFi hot spot capability, premium hardware, and a new mobile app.

Verizon began selling the newer Hum device at its stores late last week. The HumX package contains a 4G LTE OBD-II device and a stainless steel Bluetooth speaker that clips to a car’s visor.

The standard Hum offering, including a set of features such as auto health and diagnostics and vehicle location, will now be known as Hum+. All Hum tiers that launched on March 23 will also include new service features such as safety score (which keeps tabs on braking, cornering and acceleration), and navigation.

Hum is compatible with more than 150 million vehicles that are currently on the road. Those interested in learning more about the Hum line can do so by clicking here.