New Web Page Dedicated to Spanish-speaking Shop Owners, Techs

Nov. 2, 2018
Auto Defense Specialists, a group of defense attorneys in California, has produced a new web page meant to aid Spanish-speaking shop owners and technicians.

Nov. 2, 2018—Auto Defense Specialists, a group comprised of defense attorneys working for auto repair facilities and technicians in California, has produced a new web page for Spanish-speaking shop owners and technicians.

The web page, which focuses on “abogado” and the “Bureau of Automotive Repair,” was created due to the fact that English may be a second language for many working in the auto industry. The new page was designed in an effort to help repair shops understand how to better address a Bureau of Automotive Repair letter. Ultimately, the inspiration and thinking behind the page is that auto shops facing a violation letter from the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California may understand legal rights better in a native language.

“Even if [an auto industry worker] has learned English, it could still be difficult to understand the details of an accusation letter which is, of course, written in legalese,” explained attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists in a press release. “Our new page quickly translates important information in Spanish.”

The new Bureau of Automotive Repair Abogado page can be viewed in Spanish by clicking here, while a similar English version of the page can be viewed by clicking here.

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