Car-O-Liner Unveils Adapter and Software Update

Jan. 14, 2020
Car-O-Liner has introduced an adapter and software that allows its A-Tong to be connected to the CTR9.

Jan. 14, 2020—Car-O-Liner recently introduced the adapter and software that allows the A-Tong to be connected to the CTR9. 

In order to support the use of the A-Tong partnered with the CTR9, a new adapter is now available for the A-Tong and the welding machine's software has been updated to include functions for Auto 1, Auto 2, and Manual modes. In an effort to perfect the welding process, the new software paired with the new adapter is designed to improve welding through tougher combinations of cured adhesive e-coat on new vehicle panels and a higher welding duty cycle. 

Users can now expect less expulsion during repairs when welding through adhesives, according to a company press release.