Analysis: Top Car Advancements Featured at CES

Jan. 22, 2020

At this year’s 2020 CES Show, automakers displayed the strides taken in technology—including a unique hybrid vehicle debut. 

Jan. 22, 2020—The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)  is not only for the consumer but also features more than 200,000 net square feet of space for automotive exhibitors. 

At this year’s 2020 CES Show, automakers made strides in technology—from a hybrid vehicle debut to an entire city designed only for self-driving cars. 

Let’s take a look at the top eight automotive debuts that directly impact the vehicle’s technology or software. 

No. 1: Fisker showcases electric vehicle

Fisker unveiled an electric SUV to rival Tesla’s. It’s production date is estimated to be 2022. Not only does the car produce zero emissions, it also is made of recycled materials and vegan leather. 

No. 2: Jeep features plug-in hybrid vehicles

Jeep showed three plug-in electric vehicles. Hybrid versions of the Wrangler, Compass and Renegade  4xe vehicles will debut this year. All three vehicles are part of FCA's commitment to globally launch more than 30 electrified nameplates by 2022.

No. 3: Land Rover Defender debuts dual sim cards

The 2020 Land Rover Defender is equipped with ClearSight Groundview technology . Drivers can also install SIM cards to receive media and weather updates and overall software updates.

 No. 4: Audi reveals ME concept

Audi AI: ME is a personal mobility partner. The user is connected to Audi Intelligence, which includes the car’s intelligence to enable automated driving and the interaction intelligence that turns the car into a partner for the passenger.

No. 5: BMW debuts EASE technology

The BMW i Interaction EASE aims to create an almost human -like interaction between passengers and the vehicle. The car includes the innovative gaze detection system that uses artificial intelligence to detect when a passenger fixes their gaze on an object outside the car and offers them relevant information on it or other ways to interact with it.

No. 6: Continental releases transparent hood

The transparent hood feature makes the area under the hood visible and allows the driver to see terrain and obstacles that otherwise would not be seen. An intelligent image processing algorithm reconstructs the image below the vehicle and inserts this image exactly into the surround view displayed to the driver.

No. 7:  Bosch makes a virtual visor

The Virtual Visor takes the place of a normal sun visor.  It  links an LCD panel with a driver or occupant-monitoring camera to track the sun’s casted shadow on the driver’s face. The system uses artificial intelligence to locate the driver within the image from the driver-facing camera.

No. 8: Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon ride

The Qualcomm Snapdragon Ride is a customizable autonomous driving platform. The platform features multi-ECU aggregation, allowing it to scale from Active safety to Convenience to full Self-Driving across a wider range of vehicles.

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