This Week in Advanced Vehicle Technology News

May 26, 2020

What starts at the OE development center ends up at your shop. See what these companies are working on for the future of vehicle design.

May 27, 2020—Travel through the past, present and future of automakers' development of vehicle technologies.

First, ADAPT presents a detailed timeline of connectivity features. From OnStar to cellular network capability, this timeline looks at each automaker's impact through the years.

Second: a look at how the coronavirus has disrupted development in the present. The industry has been sliding toward an electrified future, and major automakers had big plans for new models. Now, a lot of that is on hold, and this story walks through those updates.

Finally, learn about the possibilities that quantum computing could bring to auto manufacturing. Actually, first learn what quantum computing is in the first place. A technology that's still being developed by cutting-edge tech companies is getting some attention from the big OEs.

It's all here, via ADAPT:

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