Report: Traffic Remains Down in Much of U.S.

June 9, 2020
A company that tracks data on roadside assistance requests noted that, as of recently, traffic volume trends in states like California and Texas were still significantly below pre-pandemic levels.

June 9, 2020—HONK Technologies recently released roadside assistance data for three large states -- California, Texas, and Georgia -- that note traffic volume trends from March 2 - May 16, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though those three states enacted, lifted, and eventually loosened stay-at-home orders on different dates, the traffic trends are similar. Changes in traffic volume trends don't align with the dates of stay-at-home orders, indicating that people are changing their travel patterns independently of state orders, HONK Technologies noted.

HONK tracks data on the frequency and location of roadside assistance requests. The company noted that, as of May 16, traffic volume trends were still significantly below pre-pandemic levels; Georgia was 34 percent below the pre-pandemic baseline, California was 28 percent lower, and Texas was 20 percent lower.

To learn more about HONK, a provider of a roadside assistance platform that aids towing companies, drivers, and insurers, click here.

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