QuickChat: How to Maintain Operational Excellence in an Everchanging Industry

Oct. 26, 2023
Kris Joeckel of Abra and Jay Sicht of FenderBender sit down to discuss ways to manage collision repair industry challenges and grow your operation in a constantly evolving industry.

It’s no secret that the collision repair industry is always changing. Whether it’s an increased adoption rate for EVs, parts constraints, hiring and retaining staff, or tricky repairs, there is no excuse for falling behind the curve if you know these are constant challenges. So how can you remain operationally excellent in an industry that seems to be constantly evolving? 

In this QuickChat, Kris Joeckel, Director of Operations at Abra, sits down with Jay Sicht, Editor-in-Chief of FenderBender, to discuss ways to manage common industry challenges, how to develop and support a growth strategy, and what best practices to keep in mind when hiring, training, and retaining staff. 

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