Build a User-Friendly Shop Website with CCC® Amplify

Feb. 26, 2024
Grow your digital presence with an easy repair shop website builder.

Maintaining a polished online presence as a shop owner can be difficult. Without the proper tools, money, or time to dedicate to keeping your website current, your site can quickly become outdated, impacting your customers’ ability to find important information like your hours or services.

With CCC Amplify — CCC Intelligent Solution’s new user-friendly website builder — repair shop owners can have a personalized body shop website up and running within five minutes. Once the website is created, shop owners can easily maintain, manage, and update their site all in one place while also delivering a user-friendly online experience that customers expect.

CCC Amplify templates
If you're starting your website from scratch, CCC Amplify offers five templates specifically designed to showcase collision repair shops.

“Templates are geared towards auto shop owners,” said Ripul Jain, Director of Product Management at CCC Intelligent Solutions. “Each template has a different aesthetic, color scheme, etc. What template you choose depends on the shop and what the shop owner prefers.”

Once you have chosen your template, you can go into the website builder editor and press “launch.” From there, the website builder will pull all your shop information from CCC ONE® — CCC Intelligent Solution’s body shop platform — and insert it directly into the website. If you already have an existing website, CCC Amplify will transfer your website information into the template for you. 

The information transferred from CCC ONE is essential data, like your shop’s name, hours, address, certifications, and capabilities, as well as information about different payment types and insurance that the shop accepts. If your shop has appointments, customer reviews, online photo estimates, or AI repair-based photo estimate service capabilities on their CCC ONE profile, CCC Amplify can take all that information and populate your website. 

“Within ten minutes, you can have a website up and running,” Jain said. “A lot of our customers who have previously used competitors’ website builders have referred to CCC Amplify as ‘magical’ because when they used other website software builders, it took them weeks to get their website working. With CCC Amplify, shop owners can build and customize their website with ease and efficiency.”

Effortless website maintenance
An additional feature that CCC Amplify offers for shop owners is the capability to update their shop’s information all in one place, in real time, on their CCC ONE profile.

“For example, if they turn on the appointment feature, it’ll automatically show up on their website, and since CCC Amplify has all that information through CCC ONE, it’s able to keep it updated in real time,” Jain said. “So, if the shop owner goes in and changes the hours of their shop on the platform, CCC Amplify will automatically update the website with that as well. It's a one-and-done kind of thing for the shop. They set up their website once, and then it automatically stays up to date with their CCC ONE profile.”

The ability to update in real time and in one place enables shop owners to reach their customers online without dedicating too much time or energy to the website, allowing them to focus on their employees’ well-being and their shop’s profitability. 

User-driven growth

Founded in 1980, CCC Intelligent Solutions continues to be a leading choice for the automotive industry because of its commitment to continuous improvement.

“We are always looking to get feedback from the shops that use CCC Amplify so we can make the product better to help them grow,” Jain said. “We're continuing to update and plan to add five additional templates to our repair shop website builder. We're also focusing on being more design-forward in terms of adding professional stock video and images so that our customers can differentiate their business from other shops that don’t use us.”

To learn more about CCC Amplify, visit: Click Here!

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