Tips from the Gridiron to Strengthen Your Business

Oct. 26, 2023
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ProColor Collision franchisee Tony Buryakov shares the advantages of playing on the ProColor Collision Team.

Managing a business and a football team are two completely different endeavors. Still, there are striking similarities regarding leadership, strategy, preparation, agility, teamwork and achieving goals.

ProColor Collision franchisee Tony Buryakov, who recently opened his third shop in the greater Sacramento, California, area, has found growing success as part of the ProColor Collision team.   

“Just like a winning football team, a well-managed business can achieve remarkable success when all the pieces come together,” Buryakov said. “From the beginning, the ProColor Collision team has worked together to help me build a winning culture, maximize performance, create efficiencies, and achieve my goals. ProColor Collision is built on a foundation of teamwork and offers numerous advantages to help franchisees thrive.”

The gameplan for business success includes:

Continuous training and development. Football teams invest heavily in training and development to improve their skills. Similarly, with constant changes in automotive technology and equipment, ongoing learning and development are imperative to shop success. ProColor Collision training programs get franchisees off on the right foot in all aspects of their business. For customer service, estimating, technology, I-CAR evaluation support or industry resources, the coaching staff is available and stays actively engaged from day one.

Strong support network. While the quarterback’s skills are imperative to team success, true magic happens only with the strength and support of the linemen.

Buryakov appreciates the sales, operational and marketing support provided by the corporate team, and the insight of other franchisees from across the network. Each provides knowledge and experience to help troubleshoot challenges or provide guidance.

“Also valuable are the relationships with fleet companies, OEMs, suppliers and insurance companies that I wouldn’t have achieved on my own,” said Buryakov.  “From network-based pricing from suppliers and partnerships with technologies that help my shops run more efficiently, to a team who knows the intricacies of working with national and regional insurance companies, I gain advantages I never had when I owned independent shops.”

Focus on the fundamentals. Blocking and tackling are to football what revenue and expenses are to business. While you may have a creative play or two to help when you’re in a tight spot, consistent success comes from focusing on the fundamentals and executing proven processes. ProColor Collision shops leverage an established combination of tools, standards and procedures that consistently deliver improved shop performance and business growth.

“My business decisions aren’t trial and error,” Buryakov said. ”The advice I receive, including standardized operating procedures and systems to optimize efficiency and productivity, have a track record of success at shops across the network.”

Be open to making adjustments. Sticking to the playbook makes sense until it doesn’t. Sometimes, you need to call an audible when market conditions change or other unexpected circumstances arise. ProColor Collision helps franchisees adjust their approach when necessary to stay focused on the future and maintain long-term success.

While all ProColor Collision franchisees are independent business owners, they are also part of a collaborative team.

“ProColor Collision offers many advantages, all rooted in the power of teamwork,” Buryakov said. “The support network, established brand reputation, comprehensive training, ongoing support, economies of scale, marketing assistance and streamlined operations are all designed to help auto body shops cross the goal line and win the game of business – and life.”

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