Your Customer's Repair Rights Creating Advocacy

March 23, 2022

Toyota repair procedures and repair with Toyota Genuine Parts.

When there is damage to a Toyota vehicle, insurance companies have an obligation to repair and return the vehicle back to pre-accident or pre-loss condition. Unfortunately, some insurance companies routinely challenge a shop to use “industry standard” procedures and alternative parts. Toyota understands this can be difficult for you and your customers who are often unaware of their repair rights. Toyota dealers are here to support you by providing expertise on the use of Toyota Genuine Parts and resources for helping you identify the correct repair procedure and can assist in sourcing your state’s collision repair rights.

Toyota suggests a few ways to alleviate the “claim” roadblocks. Start by understanding your state’s collision repair laws. Get proper training, access Toyota resources, be diligent in preparing your documentation to justify your repair process and train your team to act as your customer’s advocate. Many insurance carriers offer policies that allow for OEM parts, so it’s recommended that you work with the insurance agent handling the claim so that they better understand the compelling reasons for approving the use of Toyota Genuine Parts.


Toyota vehicle-specific repair information is the blueprint for properly repairing a Toyota vehicle. Shops that follow Toyota repair procedures can improve their chances to be fully compensated by insurance companies for collision repair versus shops that don’t effectively follow Toyota repair standards.   

Following a step-by-step blueprinting process upfront helps to identify all parts needed to properly repair the vehicle. This involves removing parts that could hide structural damage. Be sure to research and understand the specifics of the OEM process to return the vehicle to its pre-loss condition. Learn more about Toyota guidelines go to: To Repair or Not Repair article below:

Toyota Competitive Parts Pricing Can Help

In today’s environment, there are challenges to sourcing OEM parts quickly. Be assured that you can obtain Toyota Genuine Parts quickly at competitive pricing through multiple online parts ordering programs and delivery systems, including RepairLink® featuring DeliverNowSM, Microcat PartsBridge®, OPSTrax® and CollisionLink®. To get started, log into your preferred system and send your parts orders to your Toyota Dealership. Contact your Toyota Dealer to learn about their parts ordering solutions.

Toyota Sets the Repair Standard for Toyota Vehicles

Collison repair is anything but simple. Rapidly evolving vehicle technologies and increased use of aluminum and other newer construction materials make following Toyota repair procedures essential, and you should strictly follow Toyota’s procedures. 

Repairing a Toyota Vehicle to Pre-Loss Condition

Structural integrity is key to returning a vehicle to pre-loss condition and sets the foundation for proper restoration of electronic systems. However, pre-loss condition also includes looking at the entire vehicle for refinishing, calibration, and overall health. To best accomplish pre-loss vehicle conditions, repairers must follow the most current documented Toyota specifications and utilize repair equipment and techniques approved by Toyota at the time of repair. It helps to know that Toyota repair procedures and Toyota Genuine Parts are built to support a qualified technician to repair Toyota vehicles to their structural, pre-loss standards.  

Additional areas where Toyota parts have an unexpected impact in helping to achieve pre-loss condition and performance, include:

  • Parts Weight — Toyota Genuine Parts are made of light metals, which helps to maintain fuel economy.
  • Weld Strength — Toyota Genuine Parts use the same weld specifications as the new vehicle parts.
  • Corrosion Protection — Toyota Genuine Parts that are made of metal are welded, then galvanized and ED coated to help provide maximum corrosion protection.
  • Headlamp Brightness — Toyota Genuine Parts perform to the same specifications as the parts that came on the new vehicle.


Protecting the vehicle from UV and corrosion damage helps maintain the appearance of the vehicle and helps protect it from corrosion. Since corrosion is the enemy of structural integrity, Toyota Genuine Parts feature multiple corrosion protection features. Toyota procedures explain how to provide a durable refinish process.  

Recalibrating Systems

Customers expect their vehicles to perform properly following a collision repair, and recalibrating electronic systems is key to achieving proper performance. Restoring these systems is critical, shops must perform these functions, and the time should be compensated by insurance. Your Toyota dealership can act as a sublet provider if you do not have qualified technicians to recalibrate the electric system on Toyota vehicles to Toyota standards.   

Accessing Toyota Repair Resources

Toyota provides the information you need to repair and recalibrate Toyota vehicles via the Toyota Information System (TIS). Some of the most helpful publications for collision shops include:

  • REPAIR MANUALS — repair of mechanical and electronic parts information
  • COLLISION REPAIR MANUALS — key body repair information by vehicle and include cut and join locations, weld spots, weld types, and vehicle dimensions
  • CRIB BULLETINS — vehicle and procedure-specific bulletins define key industry topics that relate to Toyota vehicles
  • NEW CAR FEATURES —provide model-specific information about new models, including material usage, electronic systems, and innovative new features

If you do not have a TIS card, contact your local Toyota Dealer. They not only have the tools you need to order and fulfill parts orders quickly at wholesale prices but can also help with accessing TIS.

Accessing Toyota Repair Information

There are multiple locations where you can access valuable repair information, including:

  • Your Toyota Dealership — dealerships can help you access Toyota repair information. Click here to find your local Toyota dealership.
  • TIS — Toyota provides data directly to shops through To learn more about the benefits of having a TIS membership, click here.
  • Techstream ADVi — A direct interface system that a qualified technician can use to diagnose and recalibrate Toyota vehicle systems. To learn more about Techstream, click here.

Interacting with Customers Using Insurance Company Apps

For tips on working with a customer who arrives at your shop with an app-based estimate, click through to Toyota’s Photo Estimating story. Toyota covers how the results of an insurance company app can often underestimate the actual extent of vehicle damage. Help your customers understand what they need to do to get the coverage necessary for the required repairs.

You can rely on Toyota Genuine Parts for superior quality, reliability, and fit at competitive prices. You can also depend on your Toyota dealer to deliver those parts to your shop quickly, helping you exceed your customers’ expectations and reduce cycle times. Partner with your Toyota dealer for exceptional quality, value, and fast delivery—they’re behind every step of each part’s journey to your door!

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