Spanesi Presents the PULL UP! Repair System

March 1, 2021
Increase touch times and decrease parts orders

Spanesi, an innovator in collision repair equipment, has released its revolutionary repair system. Spanesi’s innovative PULL UP! repair system is designed to be the least intrusive method available to repair cosmetic and structural damages to vehicles. The PULL UP! repair system incorporates an exclusive glue formulation to pull up to 5 tons while being flexible enough to repair even the smallest damage. 

Straightening processes are performed from the panel’s exterior surfaces on steel and aluminum substrates. Without using heat, welding tabs onto panels, or removing coatings, technician efficiency improves with increased touch times and decreased parts orders. Corrosion protection contamination and burn-through concerns are eliminated. Door panels, headliners and fender liners all remain in place during repairs. 

Technicians have a variety of tools conveniently positioned in a custom rolling cart that easily moves to the vehicle. The PULL UP! repair system includes a wide array of steel-reinforced suction cups, slide hammers, thread pivots, and combination bars to address the most complicated repair scenarios. Rocker panels, doglegs, outer quarter panels, pillars and bodylines are ideal for the PULL UP! repair system to restore the original panel’s shape and appearance without intrusive part replacements. 

The PULL UP! repair system’s optional Electro Puller provides the flexibility of consistent pulling or thrusting capabilities during repairs. With the Electro Puller, technicians can pull or push to exacting standards during the straightening process. Combining the Electro Puller with the optional Minidozer eliminates the need for a bench or lift during low-angle repairs (such as rocker panels).

The PULL UP! repair system comes in two configurations: Standard and Full. The Standard package comes with all the tools and equipment necessary to repair small to moderate damage types. The Full package incorporates everything in the Standard package and includes additional tools and crossbars to address significant and complex damage types.

For more information concerning the PULL UP! repair system, contact Spanesi Americas, Inc. at 224-SPANESI (224.772.6374) or email [email protected].

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