Customize Your Very Own SATA Spray Gun

Feb. 28, 2020
It's your gun. Infuse it with your style.

Customizing is an expression in which products or consumer goods are being adapted to meet the individual desires of the customer. Many painters who already use SATA spray guns in their daily work are familiar with the SATA Special Edition spray guns, which have been offered to the market for years. Besides these limited Special Surface spray guns, customer-individual models were true exceptions—until now!

For the first time ever, SATA has developed a process which allows our customers to order their own personalized and individually designed one-off spray gun. Whether it’s a family photo, your pet, a sport, or your own custom artwork, the future has arrived at SATA.

The design process is simple. Go to and start the online configurator. Begin by choosing between a SATAjet 5000 B or an X 5500, Standard or DIGITAL spray gun, then select the nozzle size, HVLP or RP technology, all according to your requirements. Then let your creativity flow! 

Create your own Custom Design Gun. After picking your background color, you can place up to five of your favorite images per side, noting that the color will only be applied on two sides of the gun (the rest will retain its basic metallic color). Save your design, and continue through the steps to order your spray gun from the SATA online shop. 

It’s as easy as that. Then sit back and wait for your customized SATA spray gun to be manufactured and shipped directly to you.

Learn more at or call 1-800-533-8016.