Ion Spot Anti-Static Gun

Nov. 1, 2020
Efficiently remove static electricity from your workplace.

What is it? 

The Ion Spot eliminates static and dust in seconds while drastically reducing contamination.


What does it do? 

The tool works on compressed air only, has no electrical input, no batteries, and no charging devices. The Ion Spot will remove static electricity from the workpiece for up to 40 minutes. The Ion Spot can be used on all surfaces where electrostatic discharge is a problem: plastic, aluminum, or steel!


How will your shop benefit? 

Removing the static electrical charge from the workpiece keeps dust and other particles from collecting on the “to be painted” surface and provides a cleaner and smoother finished painted surface. It reduces dry edges, improves paint adhesion, and cuts down the prep time before paint. The Ion Spot also helps aid in metallic control for better color blending. Using the Ion Spot will also bring down costs on chemicals and cleaner, saving money and time.

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