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Sept. 15, 2022

SOLIDUS Equipment Systems, a division of Precision Equipment Systems, LLC has become one of the leading auto body and collision repair equipment suppliers in the industry.

SOLIDUS Equipment Systems, a division of Precision Equipment Systems, LLC has become one of the leading auto body and collision repair equipment suppliers in the industry. Our number one priority is to provide our customers with superior equipment and best-in-class customer service.

SOLIDUS, centrally located in Missouri, provides collision repair shops nationwide with the essential equipment needed for certified repair programs, including pulse MiG welders, resistance spot welders, frame machines and jig systems, along with specialty lifts, dent repair systems, riveting systems and more.

In addition to the SOLIDUS brand of equipment, the company is a nationwide Celette distributor and GYS Welding distributor in the central USA from Appalachia to the Rocky Mountains.   

At the SEMA Show 2021, I-CAR featured the SOLIDUS (ADP 200-3) Pulse Mig, a single-phase, 200 Amp, multi-function inverter generator for Mig Pulse, Mig Double Pulse, MIG-MAG, Stick and TIG Welding. This versatile 3-torch system can be set up with steel, silicone bronze, aluminum, or any combination. It is also available in a 3-phase, 300-amp system.

Features of the Solidus ADP 200-3 Pulse Mig welder:

  • Lightweight and portable with 2 gas tank positions

  • Easy weld setup and programming with single button selectable options

  • Single or double-pulse operation

  • Double roller drives for accurate and consistent wire feed

  • TIG and stick welding capability

SOLIDUS Resistance Spot Welding

SOLIDUS is also the North American  importer of ElmaTech spot welders, featuring the PREMIUMspot VISION, a multi-function spot welding machine in the premium class with complete software package for worry-free auto body repair. This resistance spot welder is for vehicle bodies of components made of high-strength, ultra-high-strength, coated and bonded steel sheets and multi-sheet connections with quality information about the welding result. 

SOLIDUS is a GYS Welding distributor, featuring the entire GYS catalog of Mig welders, Spot welders, Riveting systems and Dent Repair systems and more. Specifically, the GYSPOT PTI-G (for GENIUS) is the spot welder of the future. The onboard intelligence guarantees full automation, offering body shops the ability to increase their efficiency. Genius G-clamp with pneumatic retractable electrode for easy arm positioning, motorized overhanging arm provides a wide working area. It is currently the most advanced machine for body shops. 

Solid Tools + Solid Training + Solid Service = SOLIDUS

SOLIDUS takes pride in the tools and equipment in its portfolio. However, it is the people who support the equipment that make all the difference. Each shop receives direct, hands-on training for their equipment to ensure they are prepared to tackle the jobs ahead. This training continues via follow-up visits, phone calls and video calls, so the frontline technician will feel comfortable with new and advanced systems.

SOLIDUS Service department handles all mechanical and technical issues with all the equipment. Trouble shooting, preventive maintenance, or on-site repairs keep the shops running at peak performance.  If a machine needs advanced repair service, SOLIDUS will provide the shop with a “loaner unit” so they are never without the equipment to support their needs. 

SOLIDUS is also a nationwide Celette distributor, providing consultation, sales, installation, training, and service. With over 65 years of strong partnership and demand from the global car manufacturers has facilitated in cementing the technical know-how of CELETTE to deliver highly productive and innovative body repair equipment.

For more information about Solidus Equipment Systems or to inquire about sales or distributor opportunities, call 636-405-2800, email [email protected] or visit
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