Refinish Textured Plastics with Polyvance Flextex VT

Nov. 1, 2021

Take advantage of the flexibility and control

Many technicians discard damaged textured plastic parts because they are not aware that the textured surface can be repaired and retextured to a high standard with Polyvance's 3804 Flextex VT variable texture coating.

Flextex VT allows the technician to vary the size of the texture, from fine to coarse, by varying the paint reduction ratio and the spray technique. In the can, Flextex VT is a fairly viscous paint which will provide a coarse texture. To achieve finer textures, Flextex VT is reduced with the appropriate reducer⁠—3804R-4 for low-VOC areas or 3804N-4 for National Rule areas. Because spray technique is very important in achieving good results, Polyvance has created a new instructional video and standard operating procedure to help guide technicians on the proper use of the product.

With the introduction of the new 3804N-4 National Rule reducer, the 3804 Flextex VT system can be used nationwide, in both low-VOC and National Rule areas. Polyvance is introducing two new Flextex VT starter kits which contain a quart of the texture material and a quart of the reducer. 3804K contains the reducer for National Rule areas and 3804KZ contains the reducer for low-VOC areas.

Painters from all over North America can now take advantage of the flexibility and control offered by the only variable texture system in the industry⁠—Polyvance's 3804 Flextex VT system. 

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