The First ADAS Calibration for HD/Commercial Vehicle

April 1, 2022

The fully collapsible, mobile, and precise professional commercial vehicle ADAS calibration tool that supports LDW and ACC system calibration.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expects that in the next era of safety, 2025 and beyond, fully automated safety features and highway autopilots will begin to fully handle the entire task of driving. The North American market is already a maturing at a rapid rate, thanks to the governmental policy and support in recent years.

A considerable number of commercial vehicles are equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driving Assist System). The forward-facing camera and long-range radar are two common ADAS systems. The daily impact of ADAS systems is unmeasurable to the number of common, everyday mistakes or oversights that ADAS corrects. By sheading light on how impactful these systems can be to the safety of our roadways, we aught to be doing calibrations after many mirror repair and replacements. 

X-431 ADAS HD is a fully collapsible, mobile, and precise professional commercial vehicle ADAS calibration tool that supports LDW and ACC system calibration.

As the first commercial vehicle-specific ADAS calibration equipment launched in the market, X-431 ADAS HD's "fully foldable, high-precision, and easy-to-operate" product features perfectly interpret the "big but not rigid" characteristics of large ADAS calibration equipment. It fills the void of ADAS calibration equipment for commercial vehicles (heavy trucks).

The beam and main frame of the X-431 ADAS HD can be folded. It can be fully folded, half-folded, and fully expanded to meet the needs of storage, movement, and work space.

During the calibration process, X-431 ADAS HD supports horizontal, front and rear, left and right multi-directional fine-tuning, and can be aligned and paralleled in one minute without the need for cumbersome movement of the device. Equipped with a millimeter-level precision laser rangefinder, there is no need to use a tape measure to measure distances, and the calibration accuracy can reach the millimeter level, which greatly improves the calibration accuracy and efficiency, and reduces the difficulty of operation.

X-431 ADAS HD is suitable for heavy-duty truck ADAS calibration. The lifting height of the equipment can reach 3 meters. The target adopts multi-point anchoring, which is safe and firm.

X-431 ADAS HD supports dynamic calibration and static calibration, including ADAS calibration of multiple vehicle brands in Europe, America, Asia and China. Among them, the dynamic calibration supported brands are: Volvo, Renault, MAN (MAN), Iveco, DAF, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, etc. The static calibration supported brands are: Volvo, Renault, MAN (MAN), Iveco, Isuzu, Scania, Nissan, etc.

The X-431 ADAS HD is a professional ADAS calibration system for commercial vehicles that takes into account both calibration accuracy and operational convenience. Please visit our site at for a list of authorized dealers in your area for more product information. 

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