Stop Standing Around Watching Paint Dry

March 1, 2022

Curing systems from US Autocure save time and energy.

Gas-catalytic medium-wave infrared curing is appealing due to shorter cure cycles and smaller floor space requirements when compared to conventional spray booths. It is necessary to overcome some limitations such as line-of-site. However, the resulting decreased cure times, improved cure degree and overall appearance, and reduction in energy use make this technology appealing and growing in adoption.

Development of the US AutoCure system was born from a “wish list” created by painters who were familiar (and frustrated) by the available infrared systems. US Autocure has designed infrared curing systems to meet the needs of many industries, including manufacturing and automotive repair. US Autocure systems are especially appealing for repair of the rapidly growing EV market due to temperature restrictions when servicing these unique vehicles.

  • Class 1, Division 2 certified

  • Fully robotic, multi-point articulation

  • Gas-catalytic, medium-wave infrared system

  • Modular Design: Can be retrofitted to any existing spray booth

  • No Maximum Height/Length: Flexible to accommodate different vehicle sizes and applications

  • Floor mounted: Requires no mounting to existing cabinets or booth walls

  • “One Pass” Curing System

  • Fully-automated: The US Autocure system will follow the contour of the vehicle or component rather than relying on a fixed pattern

  • Booth Load Every Hour: Achieve 80 hours of paint time per eight hour shift

  • Built and supported in the U.S.A. 

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