WEBINAR: Transforming Your Prep Area

May 1, 2020

How quick lane integration, contamination control and proper lighting can transform your shop

The prep area is gradually becoming a focal point for more and more collision repair centers. Technical advancements in automotive refinish painting have heightened the importance of the prep area, placing a greater emphasis on quick lane integration, contamination control and proper lighting. Now that automotive refinish painting has become more procedure-driven, body shops are changing the way they operate. Otherwise, they risk being squeezed out by their competitors and insurance companies.

You will learn:

  • What changes in sanding processes are needed with waterborne paint, specifically specialty colored tints known as quad coats
  • Why a dedicated space, such as a Closed-Top, Open-Front (CTOF) Booth from GFS, is essential for your prep area
  • How performing prep work in a dedicated space aids in contamination control
  • How high-quality lighting in your prep area can produce better visibility and help you avoid costly rework


Jason Garfoot 

Senior Technical Advisor, Global Finishing Solutions

As a senior technical advisor for Global Finishing Solutions, Jason Garfoot consults and evaluates body shops, pinpointing areas in which they can improve performance and quality while reducing key-to-key times and maximizing efficiency. He helps customers find the right equipment for their shop and assists with shop layouts and designs.

Garfoot uses his background in engineering and a degree in biology to apply nontraditional insights to the collision repair industry. He aids paint companies and spray equipment companies throughout North America and central Europe in testing and developing new products and processes for the automotive refinish industry. Working with body shop performance organizations throughout the United States and Canada, Garfoot identifies trends in the market and educates body shops to prepare for and capitalize on those trends. 

Garfoot got his start in the industry working as a detailer at a collision repair shop while in college. He worked his way up as a bodyman and then moved into the paint department. An award-winning airbrush artist, Garfoot has operated a custom painting business since he was 17.

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