Fuji Spray Auto is Poised to Take Collision Repair by Storm

Oct. 1, 2019

A legacy of quality spray technology drives the brand-new Fuji Spray division into collision repair.

One of the best business quotes of the modern age came from one of its foremost innovators: Steve Jobs. Jobs knew that his line of Apple computers may have resembled more popular PCs, but functioned wholly differently. 

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” he said.

Fuji Spray has adopted this mindset in the design and implementation of its leading line of HVLP spraying equipment. Fuji Spray has been producing premier spray equipment for over 30 years. Next, they’re moving into the collision industry lock, stock and (paint-filled) barrels. And they’re poised to pounce on the market.

“The best is yet to come,” says Jim Larin, Operations and Sales Manager for Fuji Spray.

Introducing the Fuji Spray Auto V8 Series 

Fuji Spray knows collision. 

After several years of successful paint shop implementation with the MPX-30, Fuji Spray is committed to launching into the collision repair market with gusto, leading to the creation of an entirely new division wholly committed to collision repair and refinish. 

“We designed products specifically for the collision industry and now have a whole division devoted to it,” Larin says. “After initial success with collision repair—dipping our toe in, if you will—we’re committed to making a much larger splash. We’re jumping into the industry equipped with the best technology, a legacy of excellence and our eyes wide open.”

Comfortable, efficient and built to last, the MPX-30 is made to handle any paint project, regardless of size or scope. Most spray guns feature a stainless steel needle and nozzle and fluid passages of alloy gun material, which can corrode easily. The MPX-30, however, features 100 percent stainless steel fluid passages in the gun, suitable for water-borne and solvent-based coatings. The spray gun body features a modern, durable chrome finish and was designed for full system application (solvent-based basecoats, low VOC colors or clear coat).

The MPX-30 can handle all types of coatings, including high-solid materials, and is designed to function flawlessly in production settings. Available in gravity-feed or siphon-feed models, Fuji Spray compressor guns are renowned for higher transfer rates and precision atomization and control, eliminating waste and overspray with a fan pattern up to 13 inches.

Key features and benefits of the Fuji Spray MPX-30 MP Gun include:

  • High transfer efficiency for less overspray and increased savings

  • Optimized air cap design results in soft spray pattern and outstanding atomization

  • Recommended 13.8cfm at 36psi

  • VOC-compliant

  • Precise fan pattern adjustment

The MPX-30 is as affordable as it is effective. 

“The big selling feature is the price point,” Larin says. “You don’t sacrifice quality and get great results. For collision repair shops, it always comes down to price and parts availability. Our team ensures top quality equipment and unbeatable customer service for a great value. You can achieve four-figure results at half the price.”

Success begets success, and the MPX-30 has lead to something new: the V8 Series Spray Guns and a renewed commitment to the high-tech painter and paint shop. At SEMA 2019, Fuji Spray will debut its new division, Fuji Spray Auto, along with its groundbreaking new V8 series, featuring the MP-V8 and H-V8 for a new audience of painters and shop owners. As Larin notes, the best is yet to come.

The Fuji Family Promise

As a midsize company, Fuji Spray has made a reputation for being fast, versatile and innovative, meaning its customers expect (and receive) answers when they have questions. 

“You don’t go through automated systems when you need help,” he says, “at Fuji Spray, it’s two rings and you’re speaking with a human who knows the product and who knows how to spray. We have an industry-leading turnaround time; we guarantee a global response time of 1 business day.”

Larin describes the Fuji Spray philosophy as a “customer-centric process,” and that the company and all its divisions can address challenges much faster than larger companies while still offering a premium product at a competitive price point.

Try a Fuji Spray gun today and see for yourself the incredible versatility and efficiency of Fuji Spray Auto, Fuji Spray's newest division. Visit fujisprayauto.com for more information. The best is yet to come.

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