The Next Generation of Collision Repair Products is SMART

Nov. 1, 2020
High quality, cost-effective body filler and glaze alternatives.

SMART’s Ultra Premium Body Filler and Glaze are the products your shop is missing. These two products, exclusively distributed by FinishMaster, are specially formulated to produce better results with less work, solving common application and usage problems.

SMART Ultra Premium Body Filler is built like a body filler but finishes smooth and pinhole free, helping to eliminate extended work time, possibly reducing, or even eliminating the need for glaze.

  • Smooth sanding and feather edging with no lifting or balling
  • Easy to apply with smooth, creamy, non-sagging formula
  • Sands to a fine powder, eliminating clogged sandpaper
  • Great adhesion to a variety of substrates (including bare metal, galvanized, aluminum, plastic, and even properly prepped painted surface

If you have a project that requires glaze, you want to use SMART Ultra Premium Glaze. This fast-drying formula sands to an exceptionally smooth and fine finish, specially formulated to repair surface scratches and small imperfections.

  • Available in 30 oz pumptainer
  • Ultra-fine, superior sanding
  • Can be used with any body filler or alone
  • Excellent vertical hang/hold
  • Semi-flexible and extra creamy

SMART produces high quality, cost-effective alternatives to many of the trusted products demanded in the industry today. Rigorously tested, premium quality products backed by a trusted partner in FinishMaster, you know you can trust SMART.

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