Update to CCC Repair Methods 

March 1, 2021

More robust search feature makes access to OEM procedures easier than ever

Advances in ADAS technologies have given drivers a level of safety and assistance like never before. But, as we all know, that safety and convenience has created more complexity for repairers. 

Without the most current information on vehicle construction and repair from the manufacturer, and without the ability for your staff to easily access it, it is nearly impossible to perform a proper repair.  

Enter the new CCC Repair Methods.

Designed like today's leading search engines, the new interface allows users to enter a part description, diagnostic trouble code or operation to find comprehensive and relevant information. The search isn't limited to just one procedure; it captures all mentions of the phrase, including diagrams, prioritized by relevance as you would expect from an internet search. This helps to provide a more complete picture for your technicians. 

The digital, connected interface helps collision repairers keep pace with OEM updates. In 2021, OEMs are transitioning to faster publication of updated processes and delivery of enhanced content exactly as it appears on the OEM website.

Accessible via desktop or mobile instances of CCC ONE®, technicians can easily access OEM procedures at the vehicle when performing repairs.  Users can even bookmark their most commonly used processes for quick and easy reference.

"I love the updated Repair Methods in CCC ONE. I can get to the information I need quickly and navigating between sections is so simple,” said Andrew Hill, Shop Manager at Sherrill’s Paint & Body in Birmingham, AL. “If I am looking at procedures for a quarter panel and need to swap over to a door, it's just point and click. Great tool for us."

For more information on CCC Repair Methods, visit cccis.com/repair-methods.

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