Keys to Creating a Thriving Culture

Nov. 1, 2022

CARSTAR offers a solid combination of resources, support and partnerships that will not only allow you to maintain you position, but to grow your business exponentially.

It is no secret that the changes in the automotive industry have made business more challenging. From independent auto body shop owners with a single location to multi-store operators, the choices for future growth are limited. As an independent owner you have three choices; forfeit ownership and sell to an MSO, attempt to operate solo, or join an owner-operator network like CARSTAR. The third option allows you to keep your independence while gaining the resources required to grow your business in this competitive market. CARSTAR offers a solid combination of resources, support and partnerships that will not only allow you to maintain you position, but to grow your business exponentially.

As a partner of CARSTAR you will:

  • Reduce operational costs with our proprietary online business management system
  • Improve monthly sales volume through industry relationships
  • Increase recurring income through national fleet partnerships
  • Make significant savings on products with unmatched rates
  • Amplify shop productivity through industry-leading training and management systems
  • Increase consumer leads through innovative digital marketing campaigns


CARSTAR partnerships mean access to all these benefits and more. This includes EDGE Performance Groups, brand recognition, and collaborative coaching.


Edge Performance Groups

CARSTAR’s regional EDGE Performance Groups (EPGs), act as an extension of its team-based initiative to continuous growth and improvement. EPGs are biannual meetings consisting of franchise owners from a particular region. It’s here that colleagues do deep dives into one another’s financials, share their methods and receive counsel from other industry leaders. The meetings allow for honest discussion amongst franchisees on how to solve similar business challenges and an opportunity for owners to strengthen relationships with other owners in the franchise family.

Consolidation and Brand Recognition

The collision repair industry continues to consolidate, strengthening the advantage of scale and purchasing power in favor of brand banners versus independents. Joining a growing franchise brand with the buying power of 1400+ paint and collision stores enables the independent owner and operator, to capitalize on leveraged products and services your store needs for sustainable growth.


The training and education team at CARSTAR is consistently working with vendors, industry partners, and OEM leaders to ensure the resources in its proprietary educational platform, Collision University, are both helpful and current. This internal platform provides training and education that facilities and their technicians need, in order to stay ahead of the industry.

Offered programs are but not limited to;

  • Operational performance training
  • Insurance guideline training
  • OEM training
  • Procurement guides
  • Marketing resources
  • Community engagement resources

The automotive industry is never static; constant innovation in automotive technology must be integrated into the practices of collision repairers to stay competitive in this marketplace. CARSTAR’s resources and commitment to its franchise family are what makes them a chief operator in the industry. Every franchisee has access to educational resources, coaches, and support from other owners, culminating into not only a successful business experience, but a pleasant one.

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