Save Time and Guarantee Accuracy with the Bosch DAS 3000 ADAS Recalibration System

March 1, 2021

Increase efficiency and reduce comebacks with the DAS 3000

As ADAS recalibrations become more complex and time consuming than ever, it is critical for technicians to have an efficient and highly accurate recalibration system. Each vehicle requires its own type of targets specific to its unique hardware layout. Using the wrong equipment or following incorrect procedures can lead to serious issues. Whether ignoring an error message or giving an improperly calibrated vehicle back to a customer,  the stakes are high.

With the desire and experience to solve these challenges, Bosch has put exceptional thought into the design of its DAS 3000 ADAS recalibration system, a new advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) recalibration solution that intuitively guides technicians to recalibrate vehicle ADAS systems.

Using state-of-the-art vision positioning and vehicle-specific guided instructions, the DAS 3000 gives technicians the confidence to efficiently calibrate their customer’s vehicle in minutes. Designed with the technician and both current and future ADAS technologies in mind, the DAS 3000 is one of the most precise and fastest calibration systems to set up and is compatible with a large range of vehicle makes and models. Bosch DAS 3000 takes the guesswork out of ADAS recalibration, giving technicians time back to expand their services in new and valuable ways. As the world’s largest automotive supplier and a longstanding leader in ADAS cameras and sensors, Bosch has a unique understanding of vehicle ADAS systems. 

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