The Value of Pre-Repair Scans and ADAS Insights

Sept. 1, 2022

With Repairify’s adasThink technology, collision centers can ensure that they have reliable technology, that they don’t have to worry about ‘over-baking the cookie’ so that they can perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

Chris Chesney, Repairify’s vice president of training and development, believes that “the job of a collision center is to do a safe and proper repair…our goal is to ensure that [the vehicle] work[s] when [we] hand the keys to the motorist, so [we] know that they're safe driving down the road.” 

Vehicle safety technology has become increasingly complex in recent years with most cars now coming standard with at least one automated driver assistance system (ADAS). While these systems increase driver safety, after a collision ADAS modules often must be calibrated or reprogrammed. In addition to continuously maintaining technician training and certifications, Chesney said, collision centers are now adding the pre-repair diagnostic scan to their standard operating procedures. 

Going a step further, to identify which ADAS modules require calibration, many collision centers compare scan reports to the OEM build data available through an ADAS intelligence tool like adasThink from asTech, driven by Repairify. The adasThink tool makes quick work of the task of sifting through 1000s of repair orders and the actual as-built data that OEMs provide. adasThink’s technology is able to tell collision centers what ADAS modules and sensors should be present so that repairers can physically look to see if the part is damaged or if it was never physically there. Now more than ever, it is important that shops stress the accuracy of ADAS calibration, and have access to good OEM-sourced vehicle ADAS intelligence because aftermarket build data sources are never one-hundred percent accurate. Accurate OEM service information is a critical link to completing a safe, accurate ADAS calibration. 

Chesney states, “calibration sounds easy on the surface. But it takes time to read service information and read it every time and to follow directions. If you can bake cookies, exactly the same way every time, you can calibrate ADAS systems. But what if the recipe changes and you don't read the recipe every time?” 

With Repairify’s adasThink technology, collision centers can ensure that they have reliable technology, that they don’t have to worry about ‘over-baking the cookie’ so that they can perform their jobs to the best of their ability. This is because Repairify’s adasThink is reliable and is constantly being updated. adasThink is different from other ADAS calibration resources out there because of the company’s approach at the VIN level and constant enhancement of data. 

Chesney comments, “it’s not the accuracy that we’re really enhancing, it’s the detail that we’re able to provide right out of the gate with the first report based on the VIN number.”

To make sure that their adasThink technology is staying up to date, asTech has a research and development center and a team of technicians that conduct calibrations daily to stay ahead of service information. Collision centers can rely on asTech to know about the new, and what they need, so that you don’t have to.

“You leave it to us to make sure that we find all the new. Stay in tune with our team, use our services, and we'll ensure that we're calibrating the latest and greatest correctly every time,” Chesney encourages.

AsTech stays up to date on their adasThink technology so that collision shops can trust the information they are given about the vehicles in their shop. Choose asTech’s adasThink technology to make sure you can do your job without constantly worrying about the reliability of your shop’s ADAS calibrations. 

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