A Match Made in Heaven

March 29, 2018

AkzoNobel, in partnership with Dave Kindig, launches custom color line.

At the 2017 SEMA Show, AkzoNobel unveiled its new line of custom colors—Modern Classikk. The line is a result of a collaboration between the paint company and Dave Kindig, custom design legend and host of Bitchin’ Rides.

The Modern Classikk line, which has been close to two years in the making, is a color palette made up of classic shades that will stand the test of time. “We wanted to create colors that look just as good today as they do 20 years from now,” Darlene Eilenberger, North American marketing manager of vehicle refinishes, AkzoNobel, says. “We wanted that classic look, but to still give a slight edge.”

The response at SEMA was overwhelmingly positive, according to Eilenberger, and hit a high note when Kindig’s ‘58 Lincoln convertible project, which was housed at AkzoNobel’s booth and painted with the Modern Classikk color “Teal Later,” won a 2017 Paint Job award at the Las Vegas show.

“Dave is an artist,” Eilenberger says. “Having him back the line is a big deal.”


The Partnership

The timing was perfect. AkzoNobel was looking to break into the custom color and builder space, something that it had not yet done in its North American market, and Kindig was looking for a new partner that would give him the creative license to develop the color palette he had been dreaming of. “A lot of the lines you see nowadays, they’re very flashy—full of flakes and effects,” Eilenberger says. “Don’t get me wrong, that can be great, but our vision was different.”


The Collaboration

“Kindig has an impactful, creative way of explaining color that really resonated with our color experts,” Eilenberger says. Kindig went to visit AkzoNobel’s facility in Troy, Mich., and worked closely with the R&D director and senior color matchers in order to come up with the perfect hues. “There were some cases where he knew exactly what he wanted,” Eilenberger says. “He would say he wanted a blue in between two shades in our color book with a flip of a certain color. We’d work on it and then send it to him to test out. We worked seamlessly together.” Kindig’s eye for color was brought to life by the team at AkzoNobel, who named the brand “Modern Classikk” as a play on words based off of its highly regarded Sikkens line. Eilenberger says that the company did this as a way to communicate that this line of custom colors would be the same high quality that customers have come to love with its Sikkens line.


The Product

Modern Classikk promises to deliver fun and edgy colors that have the same rich history and quality that AkzoNobel has delivered in the past. “Using Dave’s eye and the expertise of our color team, we were able to create classic colors that have a slight twist,” Eilenberger says. “Whether it’s an extra layer, or a flip or a flop that sets it apart, Modern Classikk delivers depth and vibrancy.” Collision shops will be especially happy that the paint only requires a clear coat application, which makes the process much simpler.


The Delivery

The line is currently made up of 26 colors, with more to come—including clear coats and primers—in 2018. The goal is for Modern Classikk to be a full custom restoration line.

For more information, visit modernclassikk.com.

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