Take the Guesswork out of Color

March 29, 2019

Automatchic™ in MIXIT™ combines two of the mightiest color matching resources into one groundbreaking tool.

What are you passionate about?

For some, it’s a simple combination—chocolate chip cookies and a frosty glass of milk. For others, nothing but the best will do—the best sports record, maybe, or the best lawn, turning heads in the sunshine and making all your neighbors jealous.  

What if a product offered all three, though? A simple combination for the best record yielding the most visible—and stunning—results?

For paint departments, that’s what AkzoNobel can do. Using the new Automatchic™ in MIXIT™ Colorvation portfolio, you can achieve the most accurate color match, the first time.

Colorvation is a unique, comprehensive, and completely modern approach to matching color using the unique digital tools available from AkzoNobel. Digital color retrieval offers seamless ease, dependability, and accuracy to benefit your business and bolster paint shop KPIs—greater accuracy and greater efficiency, after all, yield greater profitability. Achieve it with the Automatchic™ handheld spectrophotometer and MIXIT™ mobile application suite.

“We all see color differently,” says Clinton McPherson, North American Color Support Coordinator at AkzoNobel.

“Automatchic™, however, sees it the same every time, and our software’s advanced algorithms tint the selected formula for you, giving you the best color match every time.”

No more guesswork; no more paint chips, subjective to human error and the position, visibility, and strength of the sun in the shop or in the field. Reduced cycle time leads to reduced costs and an increase in throughput. Traditional color matching methods take time and experience to even approach an acceptable result; now, the hand-held Automatchic™ spectrophotometer eliminates errors, reduces time, and is easy to use and requires minimal training. Just point and click.


The Automatchic™ spectrophotometer features:

  • Three-angle camera

  • Wi-Fi capability

  • Color touchscreen display

  • Lightweight ergonomic design

  • Rubber feet to prevent slippage during readings

  • Enhanced design for easy measuring of curved surfaces

  • Full compatibility with the MIXIT™ digital color retrieval system


The Automatchic™ spectrophotometer is also the sustainable choice—swift and accurate color matching reduces paint loss during sprayout and application, reducing waste and valuable time.

A March 2016 study revealed that digital verification using Automatchic™ Vision decreased color identification time by an average of 3–4 minutes per color over a manual/visual search using ColorScala Pro.

Later, an AkzoNobel competitive benchmark study in June 2017 revealed that Automatchic™ Vision outperformed Axalta and PPG color-matching tools by over 50 percent in first-time-right color tests. Now, when combined with upgraded MIXIT™ software, the full suite, scope and power of the Colorvation toolbox is evident.

Now, two of the mightiest color matching tools have been combined into one powerful Colorvation suite, catalyzing your shop’s most talented technicians and color matchers to the next level.

“The best feature of MIXIT™ is the availability of color information in real time, which means if our lab develops a formula today, it is available to our customers within minutes,” says McPherson.


Automatchic™ in MIXIT™ offers:

  • Superior accuracy: get the color right the first time, every time

  • Reliable simplicity: no lengthy installation or training required

  • Instant results: view immediate color updates with access to the latest formulas

  • Secure data: keep your clients safe in the cloud across multiple devices and platforms such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The Automatchic Vision™ spectrophotometer has been in the market since late 2015, with over 5,600 units in North America alone helping shop owners save money and increase revenue; globally, there are over 16,000. MIXIT™ has been available for basic color information since 2016, with more features being added each month.

Together, it’s a beautiful thing. The Colorvation suite from AkzoNobel enables customers to save money on paint, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and lower cycle time while maximizing profitability.

So ask yourself: What do you want?

Learn more at colorvation.com.

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