Car ADAS Solutions Gains New Franchisee

Nov. 15, 2023
Empire ADAS in Clifton Park, New York is Car ADAS Solutions’ first licensee in the state, as well as their largest licensee in the country.

Car ADAS Solutions has welcomed a new licensee in Clifton Park, New York, according to a press release.

Empire ADAS is Car ADAS Solutions’ first licensee in New York. It is also their largest licensee in the country, boasting a 6,800-square-foot facility.

Michael Trimarchi, operations manager for Empire ADAS, has been in the automotive repair industry for 47 years. He first started learning about calibrations around three years ago while working for a third-party service provider before being approached in 2021 to start his own calibration center.

After conducting his own research on the topic, Trimarchi found Car ADAS Solutions and was confident this is what he wanted to do. In May 2022, Empire ADAS was officially established.

Car ADAS Solutions provided support to help the business get up and running, such as finding and training staff, purchasing equipment, marketing, and making sure the facility had level flooring and adequate lighting. This past September, the team was able to move into their current facility.

The organization continues to provide ongoing training, with new hires being certified as calibration technicians at Car ADAS Solutions’ training facility in Utah after initial training with Trimarchi is completed.

“Many professionals don’t understand the necessary steps to calibration, which can be dangerous and create a lot of problems,” said Trimarchi. “Our motto at Empire ADAS is ‘Our precision is driven by your safety.’ We want to perform the best practice possible to do a calibration and the team at Car ADAS Solutions has helped us understand what that is.”