Auto Shop Plans Building Dedicated to Collision Repair

May 30, 2023
As Tom Finch Automotive saw an increase in the number of collision repairs it had to do, the shop decided it needed more space.

An automotive shop in Jacksonville, Illinois, is adding another building to its operation to accommodate the number of collision repairs it does, My Journal Courier reports.

Tom Finch Automotive will be constructing a 6,240-square-foot building dedicated to collision repair to assist with their West Walnut Street location. Operations Manager Tim Hughes said that when this location first opened, around 75% of the work being done was mechanical. But over the past ten years, collision repair has increased and now takes up half of their work.

“Since we moved to this location 14 years ago, our business has grown, and we have needed more room,” Hughes stated. “About six years ago we added to the existing building with three wash bays, a restroom and break room for employees. Even that isn't enough room now.”

After years of consideration, the shop decided to expand this past September. After gaining approval from the Plan Commission and the Jacksonville City Council for the building, it’s expected to be up and running by September 2023. The expansion will clear up more space in the shop’s main building for mechanical repairs.

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