Calif. Shop Owner Opens Rideshare Collision Market

Feb. 24, 2020
A collision repair shop owner in California has created a platform for body shops to offer services to rideshare drivers.

Feb. 24, 2020—Dan Dewater, owner of Hangtown Body Shop and A1 Collision & Bumper Center in California, has created the Rideshare Collision Network. The Rideshare Collision Network was created in 2019 to offer quality collision repair services to rideshare drivers, including those driving for companies like Uber and Lyft.

"We're looking for small, independently owned body shops to join the network because collectively we can make a bigger impact," Dewater said in a recent interview.

Dewater invested roughly $10,000 out of his marketing budget to promote his shops. He created the startup after an Uber driver came to his body shop in search of a facility that repaired rideshare vehicles and rideshare vehicle insurance carriers.

The goal of the network is for any rideshare driver to find a body shop within the network using the Rideshare Collision Network website and to have greater access to repairs. 

Dewater says he's currently in the process of partnering with a company to offer the drivers an alternate vehicle to use for rides while their car is in the body shop. 

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