Report: Businesses Face Cyber Risks Via Mobile Devices

March 5, 2020
A recent report shows nearly 40 percent of companies have had their mobility security compromised.

March 5, 2020—A report from Verizon found that nearly 40 percent of companies had their mobility security compromised, as noted by Insurance JournalIn the same report, owners said they sacrificed prioritizing mobile security.

A big threat to cyber security comes from free public WiFi services. A fifth of the organizations that reported their mobile devices had been attacked said an unapproved or insecure WiFi service was used.

The Verizon report found that many companies are at risk for cyber attack because 72% of employees have used public WiFi. About half of those surveyed said they prohibit employees from using public WiFi. According to the report, experts warn against accessing any sensitive information while using public WiFi and using two-step verification practices.

  • FenderBender did an extensive report on how to avoid data breaches in a recent feature article, which can be accessed by clicking here

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