I-CAR Unveils Educational COVID-19 Website

March 20, 2020
I-CAR created an informative webpage on the COVID-19 virus, regarding policies that have been implemented effective immediately.

March 20, 2020—I-CAR has announced the creation of a webpage dedicated to information related to the COVID-19 virus and policies that have been implemented.

I-CAR has announced the cancellation of all live In-Shop Knowledge Assessments effective March 22 - April 5 (as the situation allows). The site provides information on extensions for credentialing renewals.

The organization has also announced it is reformatting the I-CAR 2020 conference to digital delivery and its open to the entire inter-industry.

I-CAR continues to facilitate online and virtual training options that count toward ProLevel training or annual training requirements for Platinum and Gold Class. To access more information, please visit here.

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