This Week in Advanced Vehicle Technology News

May 12, 2020

This week, FenderBender sister brand ADAPT covered how some self-driving companies are gradually reopening.

May 12, 2020—Are you staying connected to ADAPT's news? This month, ADAPT is exploring how shop operators can prepare their shop for the rise of connected vehicles. A connected car is one that can communicate with other systems and its surroundings. Data is transferred between the car and its surroundings.

In other news, a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) lab in Detroit earned accreditation to provide OEMS and tier 1 and 2 suppliers with EMC, radio frequency, and V2X testing.

Ford also recently released autonomous vehicle data to help spur research. While other companies have released self-driving data before, Ford is the first to release data from multiple vehicles.

And, as some stay-at-home orders are lifted, companies are gradually reopening. Waymo, for instance, has resumed self-driving testing in Arizona. Waymo employees will wear face masks in facilities and vehicles, except when driving alone. 


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