Snap-on Releases Pass Thru Assistant

Aug. 20, 2020
Snap-on develops new technology to streamline the J2534 reprogramming processes.

Aug. 20, 2020—Snap-on introduced its new Pass Thru Assistant, which expands automotive repair and collision technicians' capabilities.

According to a press release, "While J2534 programming can be a difficult task and not everyone wants to take on what can be complex and time-consuming, the Pass Thru Assistant was designed and developed as a true turn-key remote solution that can be used by any technician or shop, regardless of experience."

The Pass Thru Assistant can reprogram domestic, Asian, and European vehicles, from Ford to Kia to BMW, according to the press release. The assistant was created in order to make it easier for repairers to keep vehicles in the shop, finish the job correctly, and increase profits and customer satisfaction.

The PTA kit contains a Windows tablet PC, J2534 device, 4G modem and a 90-amp battery maintainer. The assistant aims to simplify the reprogramming process. According to the press release, it's as easy as "just book an appointment, plug in the kit and power it up."

Learn more at the Snap-on website.

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