BOLT ON For Everyone

Oct. 29, 2020
BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY has expanded its platform to accommodate auto body shops, dealerships, and more.

Oct. 29, 2020—BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY is now offering its services to auto body shops, new and used car dealer service centers, parts vendors, air controlling specialists, import car specialty shops, and more.

Previously only accessible to repair shops, BOLT ON is now available via the cloud through NextGear, according to a press release. NextGear's capabilities include speech-to-text note-taking, two-way texting between customers and the shop, complete vehicle maintenance profiles, future appointment scheduling, and more. 

“With the launch of NextGear, based entirely in the cloud, we can now help every sector of the auto aftermarket, whether you’re fixing transmissions, replacing fenders, or servicing trucks, motorcycles, high-end imports or RVs,” BOLT ON founder and CEO Mike Risich says in the press release. 

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