Maaco Names 'Rookie of the Year'

Dec. 17, 2020
New franchisee, a newcomer to the industry, is recognized.

Dec. 17, 2020—Maaco has announced Shane Hollas as its "Rookie of the Year." 

Hollas is the proud owner of a Maaco franchise in Rockwall, Texas, that has had its doors open for just six months. Hollas, a former VP of sales for a small software company, was honored for his dedication to industry certifications and his high quality repairs. 

“I had no automotive background at all.” Hollas says in a press release. “But I always felt a widget is a widget, and you can be successful in any industry if you work hard and follow the process. I had to learn everything—the industry, the customers, the vendors, etc. But Maaco provides you with the coaching, the training, the benefit of their many years of experience, and a proven playbook to follow. It really helps accelerate your learning curve.” 

Image: Maaco

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